What to Know About Different Vaping Wires

What is an atomizer? This is one question which most of people ask in open forums. If you are one among them who wants to know what an atomizer is then please check the following details.

An atomizer is an important component in your vaping device. Besides, this is responsible for heating your nic salt e-juice to create smokable vapor. Atomizers are also generally referred to as vape coils. In short, an atomizer is nothing but a piece of small resistance wire which heats up to create vapor from e-juice. These atomizers are generally made of different materials like ceramic, steel mesh, silica and etc. When you turn on your vaping device battery these vape coils heats up creating tasty vapor from the e-juice. Vape wires are of different types they are titanium vape wires, stainless steel vape-wires, Nickel vape wires, kanthal vape wires and etc.

Wire Gauges

The wire gauge number plays a very important role in vaping. In fact, as the wire gauge number increases, the diameter of the wire decreases. Some of the common vaping wire gauges from smallest to largest include 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32. Remember, if the diameter of the vaping wire increases, its resistance decreases. In simple words, the vaping wire generally takes a long time to heat-up.

Vaping Wire Types-Pros & Cons

  • Nickel: This is the first vaping wire that is used for temperature control. Nickel vaping wires have to be only used in temperature control mode due to various reasons like melting and overheating. There are some people who have nickel allergy and if you are one among them then avoid it. Nickel vaping wires are very inexpensive and can be easily found in the local stores. Nickel vaping wire heats up very quickly. This type of vaping wire is also very difficult to work with.
  • Stainless Steel: Even the stainless-steel heats up quickly like the Nickel vaping wires.  Working with it is very easy and it holds the shape as well unlike the Nickel vaping wires.  316, SS 304 and 430 grades are generally recommended to everyone though they have low TCR. The main drawback of the stainless-steel vaping wires is they are not readily available in the local stores.
  • Titanium Wire: This type of wires works very well in temperature control mode. Besides, they hold the shape very well just like the stainless-steel vaping wires. However, people have few toxicity concerns with titanium vaping wires.
  • Ni Chrome Wire: They are available at a very low price on the market. They can work well only in wattage mode. Fast heat up time is the other advantage of using this type of vapinf wires. The main drawback of the NiChrome wire is your local stores may not store them. Lower melting point is also one of the main drawbacks of this vaping wire.

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