What happened behind the scenes of Relatos Salvajes

The making and stories.

Who put everyone together in one place.

Relatos Salvajes is a mix between multiple companies. The Almodovars were eager to work with Szifron after seeing a previous movie – On Probation. This one had a relatively low budget – only $4 million. It was shot within eight weeks only, in the spring of 2013. It was shot in Jujuy, Salta and Buenos Aires. In fact, the third part is shot on the road connecting Cafavate and Salta.

When the whole process was over, the production team had enough material to come up with three different movies. Instead, Szifron had to choose the best of the best – the actual climax of each story for maximum intensity. This way, the material was reduced by about 70%.

Everything was done in Szifron's personal house

The trimming of all the material took Szifron more than half a year. He edited everything in his own house, in a quiet and peaceful environment with no external stress.