Discover Relatos Salvajes – Wild Tales

Taking black comedy anthology to the next
level in a funny way.

Cast And Characters

Check out the powerful actors we have to make the movie more realistic so
you can connect more with the story.

Ricardo Darin

An Argentine actor named Ricardo Darin plays a demolition specialist who gets caught up in road rage that goes awry in the first story, "Pasternak," in which he initially appears.

Erica Rivas

A bride whose wedding celebration goes wrong after she learns that her husband has been unfaithful to her is played by Argentine actress Erica Rivas in the second story, "The Rats."

Leonardo Sbaraglia

The sixth story, "Bombita," stars Argentine-Spanish actor Leonardo Sbaraglia as a guy who, after receiving numerous parking tickets, embarks on a violent revenge against the bureaucracy that has tortured him.

World Recognition And Multiple Awards!

During 2014 and 2015, Relatos Salvajes won a series of awards, especially in South America.

Discover The Concept Of Ensemble Cast

Relatos Salvajes is a dramatic production. The ensemble cast style in dramatic productions refers to multiple actors in leading roles. Each of them is given a similar amount of time on the screen. Therefore, it is hard to tell who the leading role is, as everyone seems equal. This is one of the aspects that makes Relatos Salvajes so different.

What Critics Think About It

"Loved it! Excellent entertainment, despite being a dark comedy. It is one of those movies you can watch on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning – anytime!"

Barbara C. Arnold

"Wow! Excellent movie! It is one of those productions you do not have the time to get bored watching it. The action flows from one story to another just like that!"

Cathy R. Cornish

Latest Articles

Movie Review of Relatos Salvajes Wild Tales

Relatos Salvajes
In an age where it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a good movie, it’s no surprise that Damian Szifron’s dark comedy Relatos Salvajes Wild Tales (Wild Tales) is getting lots of attention. Starring some of Argentina’s best actors and co-produced with Pedro Almodovar, the film is a series of six different stories all centred around revenge and people who have gone past the point of no return. All of them are acted very well, and some of the scenarios are quite gripping, even when it takes place on the highway! The film also has an unpredictability about it that will have you on the edge of your seat and is one of the reasons it’s such a success.

A satire of Argentine society

The film is a good satire of Argentine society, and while it will make some people uncomfortable, most people won’t be bothered at all! This film has a great cast, and while it might not be perfect, it is a brilliant film that will appeal to various people. This is a great film with a few flaws that could easily have spoiled it, but as a whole, it is a fantastic satire of Argentine society and the corruption that runs rampant. It is a hilarious and disturbing film that should be seen by everyone, especially those who haven’t watched it before, as it does take some time to get into, but once you have found it, it will be hard to put it down!

A black comedy

Szifron's film Szifron’s film is a riotous black comedy that will surely be a hit with the right audience. It’s a little uneven at times, and the camera framing sometimes feels too cool, but it is always engaging, and there are no political correctness issues that are so common in this kind of production, and if you like your movies dark, dirty, gritty then this one is for you! A dark and hilarious black comedy with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

Featuring six different stories

The film features six different stories that all center on revenge and people who have gone past the point that they can’t control themselves anymore. It’s an incredibly funny and original film that is certainly one of the best short films I’ve seen in a long while. Each story in Wild Tales is very well acted, and it is clear that Damian Szifron took the time to think about each character. This is something you don’t see very often in this genre, and it is a huge credit to him as each character is very real and human.

A film filled with violence

There is a lot of violence in this film as blood is spilled and explosions are ignited, but that does not detract from the film. Rat poison is also used in some of these scenes, but that does not make the film any less funny or interesting to watch.

Movies You Should Watch If You Are A Beginner In Spanish


Movies are one of the best ways to practice your Spanish language skills. Not only do they allow you to see the language in context, but they also help you expand your vocabulary and learn new tenses without even noticing it.

Watching movies is a great way to learn new words and phrases, but you must choose the right ones. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with easier movies and move on to harder films after you’ve mastered the basics of speaking and understanding Spanish.

There are plenty of movies for beginners to choose from, and you can find something perfect for you by looking at the list below! Some of these are classics you’ll want to see, while others will help you pick up new phrases and vocabulary.

Some of these movies are available on Netflix or other online streaming services. The best part is that they’re easy to use and have subtitles, so you can watch them without worrying about your Spanish learning skills being compromised.

Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy is an excellent choice for beginners because it has a simple vocabulary and standard accents. It’s also a good opportunity to practice conversational Spanish, an essential part of any language learner’s journey.

It’s also a great film to learn the verb conjugation patterns and past tense – especially Imperativo, Subjuntivo, and Preterito Imperfecto. It will improve your verbal ability and be a fun way to spend an afternoon!

Colombian Drug Mule

If you’re a beginner, a film about a pregnant Colombian teenager who becomes a drug mule is a great choice. The film will teach you about the country’s culture and give you an idea of how to use Spanish in everyday situations.

The Motorcycle Diaries

If you want to learn about a fascinating part of Spanish history, you should check out this film. The Motorcycle Diaries follows Che Guevara as he travels around South America to lead a revolution. He experiences incredible poverty and struggles with his own personal issues, but he remains a passionate man who strives to do his part for the world.

You can watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It’s a classic with lots of vocabulary for beginners to learn, and it’s very fast-paced and entertaining. Several different languages are used in this film, so it’s a great way to practice your Spanish-speaking skills and learn new vocabulary at the same time!

A Pesar de Todo

A Pesar de Todo

Another movie for a beginner to watch is “A Pesar de Todo,” a Netflix original that tells the story of four sisters. Each of them has a secret; they all have a different father, and they must go out and find him to inherit their inheritance.

It’s a touching story that will take you on an emotional journey and help you improve your Spanish language skills. You’ll also pick up some new phrases and vocabulary for casual conversations with friends and family. It’s also a great way to get introduced to actresses like Belen Cuesta and Macarena Garcia, who you may see in other Spanish films.

Multiple Other Nominations
For Awards

Apart from a plethora of awards, Relatos Salvajes was also nominated for multiple other competitions,
such as the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards.